Kevin Duval
Scream 2x04 003
Kevin Duval
Series: Scream: The Series
Gender: Male
Notability: Recurring character
Relatives: Maggie Duval
Emma Duval
Status: Alive
First: "Ghosts"
Actor: Tom Everett Scott

Kevin Duval is a fictional father featured in the Scream multimedia franchise. He is part of the continuity of the Scream: The Series television program, which began airing on MTV in June, 2015. The role of Kevin Duval was played by actor Tom Everett Scott and first appeared in episode 1x08, "Ghosts".

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Kevin Duval grew up in Lakewood, California and was a student at Lakewood High School. During this time, he was dating a girl named Daisy, but their relationship took a tough turn when he discovered that Daisy had engaged in a previous sexual relationship with the deformed Brandon James. When Brandon James went insane, he murdered several people at the local high school, though Kevin was lucky enough to survive. After the police shootout, which seemingly ended Brandon James' life, Kevin resumed his relationship with Daisy. They had a daughter together named Emma.

Being a murder spree survivor took its toll on Kevin. He began drinking heavily and became abusive. In one instance, he attacked Maggie, hitting her so hard that he broke her jaw. This is the incident that resulted in Kevin leaving town for more than a decade.

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  1. Scream: In the Trenches (Voice only)
  2. Scream: Ghosts (1st full appearance)
  3. Scream: Psycho (Cameo only)
  4. Scream: Vacancy
  5. Scream: Happy Birthday to Me
  6. Scream: When a Stranger Calls (Possible phone voice)
  7. Scream: Halloween Special

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