Supergirl 1x16 009

A Khund prisoner on Supergirl.

The Khunds are a fictional alien race featured in comic books published by DC Comics. They were introduced during the Silver Age era of DC's publishing history and first appeared in Adventure Comics #346 in July, 1966.

The Khunds are a near-human race of aliens who hail from the planet Khundia. Their physical attributes make them broader and more dominating than a normal Earthling, and though there is some points of similarity between the two, a Khund could never be mistaken for a human. The Khunds were one of several races who allied themselves with the Dominators during the alien invasion of Earth in the late 1980s.

On the CBS television series Supergirl, a K'hund was an alien refugee on Earth, and one of many such non-Kryptonians to escape imprisonment from Fort Rozz. He encountered Supergirl, but fortunately for him, she was under the influence of Red kryptonite and let him go. He was later apprehended by agents of the D.E.O. shortly thereafter.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Khund is the singular form of Khunds. The link redirects to this page.
  • The Khunds were introduced during the pre-Crisis Silver Age era, but have also appeared in the company's Post-Crisis continuity as well.
  • In the continuity of the Supergirl television series, the race's name is spelled K'hund (which also redirects to this page). Actor Gary Kasper is the first actor to portray a live-action K'hund.
  • The Khunds are basically the DC Comics equivalent to the Klingons from Star Trek despite the fact that their first appearances predates the introduction of the Klingons by nearly a year.

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