Kim Kelly
Incredible Hulk 2x05 005
Kim Kelly
Series: The Incredible Hulk
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Location: San Remos Race Track, California
Relatives: Jimmy Kelly [1]
Status: Alive
First: "Rainbow's End"
Actor: Michele Nichols

Kim Kelly is a fictional character featured in the live-action superhero fantasy series Incredible Hulk. Played by actress Michele Nichols, she appeared in episode 2x05 of the show, "Rainbow's End".

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Kim Kelly was an amateur horse jockey and the daughter of Jimmy Kelly. She worked for Lawrence Henry Carroll, III in the late 1970s. Kim always wanted to be a rider herself, but her father wouldn't allow it, citing problems such as the unreliability and wildness of race horses such as Rainbow's End. When one of the circuit's regular riders, Andy Cardone, fell ill, Kim took his place in the race.

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  • Playing the role of Kim Kelly is actress Michele Nichols sixteenth television appearance. It is her first work in the speculative fiction genre.

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  1. Father; alive.