Big Bad Wolf Rose Red Very 1st Marnie Piper and Voice Originator Of Vampire Princess Miyu Before Dorothy Melendrez Took Over the Kimmy Brown  Princess Of Halloween Only Does 5 Hallow Credits 1997-Present She Retired From the Scary Universe Right Now Until She Want to Do Anything Else in the Category Kimberly Jean Brown Known For <u>Big Bad Wolf/Rose Red</u> Legendary in the Halloween World as the Original  Marnie Piper in the first three Halloweentown films.and the Original voice Of Vampire Princess Miyu  Some People Known that Halloweentown Made Her into a Celebrity/Famous But Did They Known the Franchise Made a Her  Young Legend in the Franchise Lots Of People Watch the Franchise Every Year and With the Stephen King Mini Series Red Rose 1 Scare Fest Big Bad Wolf and Anime Vampire Princess Made Her a Ultimate Halloween Legend All Together and that 2 Veterans Replaced Her  in Sara Paxton Replaced Kimmy in Return To Halloweentown and Digimon/Anime Legend Dorothy Fahn Melendrez Took Over in Vampire Princess Miyu

Kimberly J. Brown the Halloweentown Legend all 3 Original Movies Of the FranchiseEdit

Most iconic role: Marnie Piper in Halloweentown (1998) Age: 28 Place of birth: Gaithersburg, MD Most recent project: Friendship! (Movie, 2012)

Heavy in the game, Kimberly J. Brown was a veteran by the time she stepped onto the set of Halloweentown. By age 9, she'd played Cosette in a stage rendition of the classic musical Les Miserables. In addition to playing Marnie Piper many, many times, she also portrayed the third incarnation of Marah Lewis, a character from the CBS soap opera Guiding Light.

Known ForEdit


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