Defiance 2x11 003
Series: Defiance
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Race: Castithan
Location: Defiance, Missouri
Relatives: Andina [1]
Status: Deceased
Died: 2047
First: "Doll Parts"
Actor: James Downing

Kirus is a fictional alien and a minor character featured on the Syfy original series Defiance. Played by actor James Downing, he first appeared in the season two episode, "Doll Parts". This was the character's only appearance in the series.

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Kirus was a Castithan male who had been stricken by a rare terminal illness. He had a daughter named Andina. Stahma Tarr approached him and convinced him to confess to the murder of a woman named Deirdre Lamb - a murder that had actually been committed to Christie McCawley. As Kirus was already dying anyway, it mattered little to him to admit to such a crime. In exchange, Stahma offered to take his daughter into her home as a handmaiden, where she would never want for anything ever again.

Kirus went to the Lawkeeper station and confessed to acting deputy Amanda Rosewater. Stahma had supplied him with the bloody murder weapon as proof of his guilt. Amanda however, did not believe Kirus' story, and knew that this was simply the actions of a dying man looking to protect someone else. However, she was obligated to place him under arrest. [2]

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  1. Daughter; only known surviving family member.
  2. Defiance: Doll Parts