Kristin Lang
Kristin Lang
Kristin Lang
Aliases: Karen Lang
Krissy Lang [1]
Series: Scream: The Series
Gender: Female
Notability: Supporting character
Occupation: Teacher
Location: Lakewood, California
Status: Alive
First: "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
Actor: Austin Highsmith

Kristin Lang is a fictional high school teacher and a character featured on MTV's Scream: The Series. She was introduced in the premiere episode of season two titled "I Know What You Did Last Summer", where she was played by actress Austin Highsmith.

Biography Edit

Kristin Lang grew up in Blessed Sisters Children's Home where she befriended another foster child named Piper Shaw. [2]

Kristin Lang worked as teacher at George Washington High School where she taught a psychology class. She offered to give advice to Emma Duval who was still recovering from the emotional trauma brought on by an attack from her psychotic half-sister, Piper Shaw.

Kristin took a deep interest in the affairs of the so-called "Lakewood Six", those who were fortunate enough to survive Piper's murder spree. She secretly recorded conversations with each of them, as well as other students such as Stavo Acosta. Kristin was also having an affair with another teacher who found himself drawn into the intrigue, Seth Branson.

The masked killer came into the school and ransacked her office. He attacked her in the hallway, where she found the bleeding body of Seth Branson, barely clinging onto life. She fought against the killer, but suffered a serious injury after he tossed her over a railing on the stairwell. Kristin was discovered by a janitor and taken to the hospital. [3]

Emma Duval and Kieran Wilcox visited Kristin in the hospital, but upon seeing them, began to have a panic attack. Kieran stole Miss Lang's house keys and they went to her home where they found evidence of her past history with Piper at the foster home. [4]

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