LAVTF task force leader
True Blood 6x01 011
LAVTF task force leader
Series: True Blood
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Military personnel
Location: Louisiana
Status: Alive
First: "Who Are You, Really?"
Actor: Rico McClinton

The LAVTF task force leader was a fictional military leader featured in the HBO supernatural horror television series True Blood. Played by actor Rico McClinton, he appeared in the premiere episode of season six, "Who Are You, Really?".

Biography Edit

The LAVTF task force leader was in command of a special unit of the Louisiana Area Vampire Task Force. He was sent by Governor Truman Burrell to Fangtasia in Shreveport to force its current owner, Pam De Beaufort to cease and desist all operations relating to the vampire bar in accordance with Executive Order 846.

The leader's team knocked on the door, but when Pam refused to answer, they burst inside. He trained a laser-scope rifle on Pam, filled with silver-tipped UV ammunition and handed her a copy of the order before instructing her to get to her knees. Pam's progeny, Tara Thornton rose up in Pam's defense. When the task force leader acknowledged her as a threat, he shot her with one of his UV rounds. Having completed their mission in terms of delivering the edict, the task force leader and his squad left the premises.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The LAVTF task force leader's actual name is never provided in the episode.
  • The rank given to this character in the episode is a bit redundant if one addresses him by his full title, which would be Louisiana Area Vampire Task Force task force leader.
  • Pam De Beaufort sarcastically asked the LAVTF unit if they were male strippers.

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