Season One
Land of the Lost
Lotl 004
Season Premiere September 7th, 1974
Season Finale December 21st, 1974
Episode Count 17
Cast Wesley Eure; Kathy Coleman; Spencer Milligan



Season 2

Season One of Land of the Lost aired on Saturday mornings on ABC at 10:00 am. The first season aired from September 7th to December 21st, 1974, spanning a total of seventeen episodes. Land of the Lost starred Wesley Eure (credited as Wesley), Kathy Coleman and Spencer Milligan. Recurring guest stars in this season included Philip Paley and Walker Edmiston.

The premise of the show revolved around the Marshall family, which was comprised of Father Rick Marshall, his teenage son Will Marshall and Will's younger sister Holly. As the opening credits of each episode reveal, the Marshalls were engaged in a "routine expedition" while rafting down a river, when the area is struck by a massive earthquake, sending them toppling down a waterfall. When they awaken, they find themselves on another world; a world populated by dinosaurs, primitive cave people known as Pakuni and the reptilian hunters known as the Sleestaks. Each episode introduced new threats as well as new allies, while focusing on the Marshalls' efforts to survive in the Land of the Lost, as well as their ongoing commitment towards finding a way back home.

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Cha-Ka September 7th, 1974
1x2 The Sleestak God September 14th, 1974
1x3 Land of the Lost: Dopey September 21st, 1974
1x4 Land of the Lost: Downstream September 28th, 1974
1x5 Land of the Lost: Tag Team October 5th, 1974
1x6 The Stranger October 12th, 1974
1x7 Album October 19th, 1974
1x8 Skylons October 26th, 1974
1x9 The Hole November 2nd, 1974
1x10 The Paku Who Came to Dinner November 9th, 1974
1x11 The Search November 16th, 1974
1x12 The Possession November 23rd, 1974
1x13 Follow That Dinosaur November 30th, 1974
1x14 Stone Soup December 7th, 1974
1x15 Elsewhen December 14th, 1974
1x16 Hurricane December 21st, 1974
1x17 Circle December 28th, 1974

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Wesley Will Marshall
Kathy Coleman Holly Marshall
Spencer Milligan Rick Marshall

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Bill Laimbeer Sleestak
Dave Greenwood Sleestak
Erica Hagen Mrs. Marshall
Jack Tingley Sleestak
Joe Giamalva Ta
John Lambert Sleestak
Mike Westra Sleestak
Philip Paley Cha-Ka
Ralph James S'Latch
Ron Masak Beauregard Jackson
Scott Fullerton Sleestak
Sharon Baird Sa
Walker Edmiston Enik

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  • Actor Wesley Eure is credited as just Wesley in this season.

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