Season Three
Land of the Lost
Lotl 3x13 008
Season Premiere September 11th, 1976
Season Finale December 4th, 1976
Episode Count 13
Cast Wesley Eure; Kathy Coleman; Philip Paley; Ron Harper

Season 2



Season Three of Land of the Lost aired on NBC from September 11th, 1976 to December 4th, 1976, spanning a total of thirteen episodes. Season three saw a change in the cast line-up of the series. Spencer Milligan, who played Rick Marshall, left the series and was replaced with the character's brother Jack Marshall, played by Ron Harper. Actor Philip Paley, known for playing the role of the Paku Cha-Ka, became a credited cast member in season three and was seen in nearly episode. Walker Edmiston, who played the stoic Altrusian Enik was never a credited cast member, but was a stable presence throughout all three seasons of the show.

Given the change in cast, series creators Sid and Marty Krofft could no longer use the original opening credit montage or its memorable theme song. As such, a new song was composed and the opening sequence was filled with stock scenes from previous episodes.

Will and Holly Marshall
As the Earth beneath them trembled.
Lost their father through the door of time.
Uncle Jack went searching. And found the kids at last.
Looking for a way to escape...
From the Land of the Lost.

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 After-Shock September 11th, 1976
3x2 Survival Kit September 18th, 1976
3x3 The Orb September 25th, 1976
3x4 Repairman October 2nd, 1976
3x5 Medusa October 9th, 1976
3x6 Cornered October 16th, 1976
3x7 Flying Dutchman October 23rd, 1976
3x8 Hot Air Artist October 30th, 1976
3x9 Abominable Snowman November 6th, 1976
3x10 Timestop November 13th, 1976
3x11 Ancient Guardian November 20th, 1976
3x12 Scarab November 27th, 1976
3x13 Medicine Man December 4th, 1976

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Wesley Eure Will Marshall
Kathy Coleman Holly Marshall
Philip Paley Cha-Ka
Ron Harper Jack Marshall

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Bill Boyd Sleestak
Cleveland Porter Sleestak
David Healy Colonel Roscoe T. Post
Gregory Walcott Captain Elmo Diggs
Jon Locke Sleestak leader/Snowman
Laurie Main William Blandings
Marian Thompson Medusa
Mickey Morton Monster

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  • With this season, series creators Sid and Marty Krofft go from being producers to executive producers on the show.
  • Beginning with this season, actor Wesley Eure is credited by his full name. In previous seasons he was credited only as WESLEY.
  • In addition to playing his usual role of Enik, actor Walker Edmiston also played the voice of Wisdom in "Repairman" and "Cornered".
  • This is the only season of the show that Sam Roeca works on.

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