Land of the Lost: The Complete Series
Land of the Lost - The Complete Series
Series: Land of the Lost
Format: Region 1
Season: 1-3
Episodes: 43
Discs: 7
Studio: Universal Studios
Released: May 26th, 2009
Previous: Land of the Lost: Season 3

Land of the Lost: The Complete Series is a seven-disc DVD collection that includes all forty-three episodes of the original 1974-1976 NBC Saturday morning kids' adventure series Land of the Lost. The collection was produced by Universal Studios and released in Region 1 format on May 26th, 2009.

The river raft is hurtling through a time portal. Hold on everyone. We're plunging straight into... the Land of the Lost!!!

Product description Edit

Marshall, Will and Holly on a routine expedition met the greatest earthquake ever known. High on the rapids it struck their tiny raft and plunged them down a thousand feet below to the Land of the Lost.

Take a journey back in time with the Marshall family through this incredible world of breathtaking wonder, pulse-pounding danger and mind-boggling special effects. Only in the Land of the Lost will you battle dinosaurs one day and encounter beings from other dimensions the next.

The Pylons, the Pakuni, evil energy storms... they are all part of the awesome adventures created by legendary Sid and Marty Krofft. Relive all your favorite Saturday morning thrills as you rediscover all 43 action-packed original episodes in the Land of the Lost: The Complete Series.

Episodes Edit

"The Sleestak God"
"Tag Team"
"The Stranger"
"The Hole"
"The Paku Who Came to Dinner"
"The Search"
"The Possession"
"Follow That Dinosaur"
"Stone Soup"
"Tar Pit"
"The Zarn"
"Fair Trade"
"One of Our Pylons is Missing"
"The Test"
"Gravity Storm"
"The Longest Day"
"The Pylon Express"
"A Nice Day"
"Baby Sitter"
"The Musician"
"Split Personality"
"Survival Kit"
"The Orb"
"Flying Dutchman"
"Hot-Air Artist"
"Abominable Snowman"
"Ancient Guardian"
"Medicine Man"

Notes Edit

  • Total running time: 1,035 minutes .
  • Languages: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono).
  • Subtitles: English and English closed-captioning for the hearing impaired.
  • Aspect ratio: 1:33:1 (full frame)

Special features Edit

Special features in this collection are not rated. Not all special features are enabled with subtitles.

  • Sneak peak at the upcoming major motion picture of Land of the Lost, starring Will Ferrell. (Disc 3)

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