Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Laura.

Supergirl Edit

Supergirl 1x16 006

Laura was a young school girl in National City. She idolized the city's resident superhero, Supergirl, and dressed like her when she went to school. A mean red-haired girl and a group of friends picked on Laura, making fun of her outfit and told her that she had no friends. Supergirl was flying by and picked all of this up with her super-hearing. She came down and used her x-ray vision to peak into the girl's backpack and saw her name written on some of her school supplies. Supergirl greeted Laura, addressing her by name, and acted as if they were pals. The older mean girls were suitably impressed and left Laura alone. Later, Supergirl became infected with red kryptonite and temporarily turned evil. As her exploits made news coverage, Laura was heartbroken that her hero turned out to be something else. She threw away her Supergirl costume.

The Walking Dead Edit

Walking Dead 7x08 006

Laura was a Caucasian female and a member of the Saviors. She had a tattoo on the side of her neck. She was part of Negan's entourage who made trips to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Spencer Monroe tried flirting with her in a vain attempt to gain favor with the Saviors. He died soon after as a result of his presumptuousness. When Negan took Eugene Porter as a captive, Laura became his handler, and ushered him to his new quarters at the Sanctuary. She provided him with food including a large jar of pickles.

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