A lawyer is someone who practices, researches, analyses and interprets the law. Lawyers may serve in a variety of functions, specializing in different types of law such as corporate law, criminal law, etc. They may be federal prosecutors who work for the District Attorney's office, or they may be public defenders or defense counselors. In Europe, an old form term to describe a lawyer is barrister.

Lawyers appear in nearly all genres of television fiction, but mostly legal dramas such as L.A. Law, Law & Order, The Practice and Boston Legal.

Characters Edit

Character Series
Adalind Schade Grimm
Adam Donner Arrow
Andrea Marino Ghost Whisperer
Antara Nayar Mr. Robot
Camilla Gotlieb Grimm
Dirk Armstrong Supergirl
Foggy Nelson Daredevil
Harrison Berman Grimm
Jean Loring Arrow
Jennifer Walters Incredible Hulk
Joan Luss The Strain
Laurel Lance Arrow
Matt Murdock Daredevil
Peyton Charles iZombie
Serena Dunbrook Grimm
Stephen Finch Scandal

Notes Edit

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