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Letchmoor Heath
Category: Town
Continent: Europe
Country: England
Points of interest: Three Horseshoes
Residents: Abigail Willoughby; Atticus Grey; Blind Angus; Fergus Grey
Notable apperances: She-Wolf of London
1st appearance: "The Bogman of Letchmoor Heath"

Letchmoor Heath is a fictional town featured in the NBC television series She-Wolf of London. It appeared in the second episode of the series, "The Bogman of Letchmoor Heath".

Description Edit

Letchmoor Heath was a small rural community located on a heath in the English countryside. The populace of Letchmoor Heath appeared to be a close-knit community and where everyone knew everybody else. One of the more popular social attractions was the Three Horseshoes pub. Invariably, nearly everyone in Letchmoor Heath, even the local vicar, found themselves at the tavern, sipping back a pint of beer.

Letchmoor Heath was a relatively quiet community with little to no crime rate to speak of. In fact, there had not even been a murder in the heath for more than a hundred years. That changed however in 1990 when a seamstress named Gertie discovered a bogman buried in the heath. The bogman, whose real name was Atticus Grey, came back to life and began killing a number of people in the area. Professor Ian Matheson and his assistant Randi Wallace, visiting from London, were able to stop Atticus Grey, but not until after he had already killed five people.

Points of Interest Edit

Three Horseshoes
The Three Horseshoes was a pub located in Letchmoor Heath. It was run by a barmaid named Abigail Willoughby. It was hear that Gertie first brought the bogman after digging him up on her property. The bogman came to life and killed first Gertie, then Abigail Willoughby.

Residents of Letchmoor Heath Edit

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