Lex Luthor
Challenge of the Super Friends 1x02 012
Lex Luthor
Series: DC Universe
Gender: Male
Notability: Antagonist
Occupation: Criminal mastermind
Business owner
Location: Metropolis
Smallville, Kansas
Status: Alive
Actor: Jackson Beck
Stan Jones
Michael Bell
Scott Wells
Sherman Howard
John Shea
Clancy Brown
Michael Rosenbaum
Kevin Miller
Matt AdlerAyron Howey
Mark Rolston

Lex Luthor is a fictional criminal mastermind and super-villain featured in licensed works based on DC Comics properties. He is most famously presented as the nemesis of the costumed super-hero known as Superman. The character was first introduced in the Golden Age era of DC's publishing in Action Comics #23. He has been presented in nearly all forms of Superman-related media including live-action and animated interpretations. He was voiced by Jackson Beck on The Batman/Superman Hour. He was voiced by Stan Jones in multiple iterations of the Super Friends cartoon franchise, most notably in Challenge of the Super Friends. The first live-action TV version of Lex Luthor was actually on the Superboy television series in the early 1990s where he was played by former Day of the Dead zombie Sherman Howard. Actor John Shea played the part of non-bald Lex Luthor on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, of which he was credited in twenty-four episodes of the series. Lex Luthor made copious appearances on both Superman: The Animated Series and in Justice League Unlimited. He was voiced by Clancy Brown on both shows. Another Justice League cast member, Michael Rosenbaum, shaved his dome in order to play a younger and arguably more sympathetic version of Lex Luthor on the CW Network television series Smallville. Luthor also appeared on episodes of the Young Justice cartoon series where he was voiced by Mark Rolston.

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