Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Lilith.

True Blood Edit

True Blood 6x02 005

Lilith was the queen of all vampires and the progenitor of the entire race. In the modern era, those who follow the way of Lilith have been called Sanguinistas, and their beliefs are structured on the writings in the Book of Lilith. For centuries, the Vampire Authority kept a vial containing the last actual remnants of Lilith's blood. Drinking even a single drop of blood induces an intoxicating effect on a vampire, and brings out their most primal nature. Bill Compton consumed the last remaining quantities of her blood, which ultimately destroyed him. However, the power of Lilith resurrected Compton and he became the host body for her essence. The spirit of Lilith would visit Compton's consciousness and give him visions of the future. Lilith was often attended by three sirens, who would beckon Compton's mind to give an audience to Lilith's thoughts.

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