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Lilith's siren refers to any of three different characters featured in the HBO supernatural horror series True Blood. These mysterious unnamed women made brief sporadic appearances throughout the show, and were recurring characters in the sixth season of the program. They first appeared in the premiere episode, "Who Are You, Really?", where they were played by actresses Chanon Finley, Jodie Smith and Chloe Holmes.

Very little is known about these three mysterious women, even as to whether or not they even still exist. It may be assumed that they were all ancient vampires who worked in service of the Vampire Queen, Lilith. Described as "sirens", they had the ability to ensorcell people with the sounds of their voice.

When Bill Compton was destroyed after drinking the blood of Lilith, he was resurrected and became a super-powered host for Lilith's strength and abilities. Lilith's spirit had her sirens summon Bill Compton by beckoning to him. In his own mindscape, Bill Compton found himself in a field during the daylight hours. The three sirens manifested before him as three naked women completely covered in blood. As Lilith made her presence known to Compton, she dismissed her servants, and they disappeared from sight in a spray of red mist.

Identities Edit

Lilith's sirens have never been identified by name. However, they have been indicated by number in their appearances.

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