Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Linda.

Incredible Hulk Edit

Incredible Hulk 4x12 011

Linda was a young woman who lived in the town of Vissaria, California in the early 1980s. In 1980, Linda and her friends Case, Willie, Walt, and Cheryl were driving down a dark road during a thunderstorm. Walt lost control of the vehicle and crashed the car into a tree. As the rain came down, the five friends sought shelter in the nearby Clive house. Linda was reluctant to enter given the history of the home, but they had little other choice but to go inside. While there, Walt found a secret laboratory in the basement. An old assistant of the homeowner, Dell Frye, murdered Walt in order to keep the laboratory's existence a secret. (Incredible Hulk: The First (Part 1))

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