Linda Oliver
Charlie's Angels 1x04 003
Linda Oliver
Series: Charlie's Angels
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Prostitute
Location: California
Status: Alive
Born: 1953 [1]
First: "Angels in Chains"
Actor: Kim Basinger

Linda Oliver is a fictional prostitute and prisoner and a minor character featured in the ABC television series Charlie's Angels. Played by actress Kim Basinger, she appeared in the fourth episode of season one, "Angels in Chains".

Biography Edit

Linda Oliver was one of several young women who had the misfortune of earning the attention of a corrupt local California municipality. Arrested by a man named Sheriff Clint on trumped up charges, she was sent to a women's prison, where the inmates were forced to commit criminal acts, including prostitution under the supervision of Warden Sorenson. Three private investigators named Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett and Sabrina Duncan, allowed themselves to be arrested and sent to the prison so they could operate undercover to expose the extortion scheme and exonerate the framed prisoners. Linda aided them in this endeavor and helped resolve the murder of another prisoner named Elizabeth Hunter.

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  • Kim Basinger received ninth billing in the episode including the main cast, and was the fifth credited guest star.

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  1. Date approximated based upon the age of actress Kim Basinger.