Liv Aberdine
Constantine 1x01 003
Liv Aberdine
Series: Constantine
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Status: Alive
First: "Non Est Asylum"
Actor: Lucy Griffiths

Liv Aberdine is a fictional psychic and a minor character featured in the NBC television series Constantine. She was played by actress Lucy Griffiths and appeared in the pilot episode of the series, "Non Est Asylum".

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Liv Aberdine was a psychic and the daughter of mage Jasper Winters. Liv had an intuitive ability to perceive sensations of a supernatural nature, which also made her a target for demonic forces.

An associate of Jasper's, John Constantine, learned about Liv and tracked her down. With his colleague, Chas Chandler, they worked to protect Liv from the various supernatural phenomenon that placed her life in danger. Once they were confidant that Liv was safe, they parted company. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Liv Aberdine is a character who is exclusive to the continuity of the Constantine television series and does not have a counterpart in DC Comics continuity.
  • Liv Aberdine was originally conceived a main character on the series, but was cut from the show following the pilot episode. Executive producer Daniel Cerone felt that she would always be presented as a reactive character and that this hamstrung the writers. Writer and executive producer David S. Goyer felt that they had written themselves into a corner with Liv, and decided instead to replace her with a character from the actual Hellblazer comic book series Zed Martin. [2]
  • Worked at a car dealership before her demon troubles started.

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