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Lois Johnson
Aliases: Elle Johnson
Gender: Female
Medium(s): Television
Roles: Producer
Supervising producer
Executive producer
Notable works: CSI: Miami
Ghost Whisperer
Law & Order
Saving Grace

Lois Johnson is a television supervising producer, executive producer, producer and script writer. She has worked on programs such as CSI: Miami, Law & Order, Ghost Whisperer and Saving Grace.

As a writer Edit

Finding Carter Edit

  1. Finding Carter: The Heat

Ghost Whisperer Edit

  1. Ghost Whisperer: Homecoming
  2. Ghost Whisperer: Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
  3. Ghost Whisperer: Drowned Lives
  4. Ghost Whisperer: The Ghost Within
  5. Ghost Whisperer: Deja Boo

Homicide: Life on the Street Edit

  1. Homicide: Life on the Street: Fallen Heroes (Part 1)

Saving Grace Edit

  1. Saving Grace: Moooooooo
  2. Saving Grace: Looks Like a Lesbian Attack to Me
  3. Saving Grace: Loose Men in Tight Jeans

As a supervising producer Edit

As an executive producer Edit

As a producer Edit