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Erica Durance as Lois on Smallville.

Lois Lane is a fictional character featured in a wide variety of media relating to the Superman franchise. She is classically presented as an ambitious journalist for the Daily Planet newspaper and has been historically associated as a love interest to the DC Comics superhero, Superman. Lois Lane has appeared in virtually every interpretation of the Superman mythos ranging from comics to radio, film, and television. The character was originally created by writer Jerry Siege] and artist Joe Shuster and first appeared in Action Comics #1 in June, 1938. The character's history has been revamped and redefined many times over the years, giving way to a string of dimensional counterparts from alternate realities including the Earth-Two (Golden Age) version of Lois Lane, the Earth-One (Silver Age) version of Lois, the Post-Crisis (Bronze, or Modern Age) Lois Lane and the "New 52" version of current continuity.

Lois Lane is an investigative reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis, and Superman's main love interest. Her closest co-workers are Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White. She is a strong and assertive woman more than capable of handling herself in dangerous situations. Her family includes her father, the military leader General Sam Lane, and her sister Lucy Lane. Lois was in love with both Superman and Clark Kent for a very long time, unaware that they were in reality the same person. Eventually, Clark Kent revealed his alter ego to her and they were married.

Actresses Edit

DCAU   Lois & Clark   Smallville    
Image Actress Series
Phyllis Coates Phyllis Coates
Adventures of Superman
Noel Neill Noel Neill
Adventures of Superman
Julie Bennett Julie Bennett
Voice actress
New Adventures of Superman
Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure
Ginny McSwain Ginny McSwain
Voice actress
Superman (1988)
Teri Hatcher 02 Teri Hatcher
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Dana Delany Dana Delany
Voice actress
Superman: The Animated Series
Justice League Unlimited
Erica Durance Erica Durance

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