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The Louisiana Area Vampire Task Force (LAVTF) is a fictional law-enforcement agency featured in the HBO supernatural horror television series True Blood. They played a provincial role in season six of the series and were first introduced in the season premiere episode, "Who Are You, Really?".

The Louisiana Area Vampire Task Force, or LAVTF for short, was a special armed military detachment authorized by the State of Louisiana and the Governor's office, to enforce legislation governing the activities of vampires living within the state. The LAVTF saw the most activity during the time that Truman Burrell was governor of Louisiana up until the time of his dead. Burrell enacted several executive orders limiting the rights of vampires, one of which included rescinding vampires from owning and/or operating their own private businesses.

Governor Burrell sent the LAVTF to Fangtasia in Shreveport to force its current owner, Pam De Beaufort to cease and desist all operations relating to the vampire bar. Pam complied with the armed squad that burst into her place, but her progeny, Tara Thornton, was less obedient. When the LAVTF task force leader saw her approaching in a threatening manner, he shot with one of his silver-tipped UV bullets, causing Tara to fall to the floor in immense pain.

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