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Lucky Chin's
Category: Business
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Washington
Town: Concrete
Notable apperances: Supernatural
1st appearance: "Wishful Thinking"

Lucky Chin's is a fictional business featured in the CW Network television series Supernatural. It appeared in the eighth episode of season four titled "Wishful Thinking".

Description Edit

Lucky Chin's is a Chinese restuarant. It is located in the town of Concrete in Skagit County, Washington. It is known for boasting an indoor wishing well which, for a brief period of time, was capable of actually granting people wishes.

History Edit

In November of 2008, a man named Wes Mondale used a cursed coin from his grandfather's collection and dropped it into the wishing well. His wish was that a woman named Hope Casey would fall madly in love with him. The coin affixed itself to the bottom of the well, and could only be removed by Mondale himself. Wesley's wish came true and Hope fell obsessively in love with him.

Others began taking advantage of the wishing well's miraculous properties as well. One man won several million dollars in the lottery. Mister and Mrs. Elmer wished for a vacation in Bali. Their daughter, Audrey Elmer wished for her teddy bear to come to life. A nerd named Denny wished to become invisible so he could spy on women in the shower, and a boy named Todd wished for superhuman strength so he could avenge himself against a group of bullies.

Sam and Dean Winchester came to Concrete to investigate the stories of these miraculous wishes coming true. Upon entering Lucky Chin's, Dean tossed a coin into the well and his wish immediately came true. A delivery man entered the establishment to give him an Italian hoagie. Sam and Dean quickly learned however that these wishes had a tendency to turn bad. Dean's sandwich made him violently ill. The teddy bear grew despondent and suicidal and Hope's affection towards Wesley grew into irritable obsession.

The Winchesters eventually learned about the cursed coin that was placed in the wishing well, but were unable to remove it themselves. They brought Wesley back to Lucky Chin's and told him that only he could remove the curse. Wes was reluctant to do so, but ultimately conceded. As soon as he withdrew the coin from the well, all of the wishes reversed themselves.

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