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Torchy is a fictional dinosaur featured in the original 1974-1976 children's television adventure series Land of the Lost. She is a two-headed Elasmosaurus, which is a long-necked reptile with flippers instead of feet. Lulu is a native inhabitant in the "Lost Land" of Altrusia, and distinguishes herself from others of her species by the fact that she has two heads.

Lulu lived in a swamp not far from the great temple where the Marshall family lived for a time. As a marine creature, Lulu never left her swamp, and it can be assumed that she sustained herself on local fauna or other forms of wildlife that ventured too close to her.

The Pakuni known as Cha-Ka had a nasty habit of venturing too close to Lulu's swamp and nearly became a meal for the plesiosaur on more than one occasion. In one instance, Jack Marshall had to scramble to collect Cha-Ka from being devoured after he had turned evil as a result of a poison beetle bite. (LOTL: Scarab) A short time later, Cha-Ka was returning home to the temple and Lulu emerged and roared at him, at which Cha-Ka taunted her with grunts and jeers. (LOTL: Medicine Man)

Notes Edit

  • There are very few original scenes involving Lulu. Most of the appearances that the animal makes in the show is stock footage that is recycled from episode to episode.
  • Elasmosaurus is a breed of plesiosaur, which lived in the Late Cretaceous period some 80.5 million years ago.
  • Another characteristic, aside from her two heads, that distinguished Lulu from others of her kind, was the fact that she had a long, forked tongue like a serpent.
  • Another famous plesiosaur of note is Nessie, aka the Loch Ness Monster. As Nessie is a cryptid, whose existence has never been confirmed, it is unknown what breed she is supposed to be, though popular fiction often depicts her as a plesiosaur.

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