TOS 3x01 031
Series: Star Trek
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Race: Eymorg
Location: Sigma Draconis system
Status: Alive
First: "Spock's Brain"
Actor: Sheila Leighton

Luma is a fictional alien and a "brain-robber" featured in the Star Trek multimedia franchise. Played by actress Sheila Leighton, she appeared in the season three premiere of the original Star Trek series titled, "Spock's Brain".

Biography Edit

Luma was a female humanoid member of an alien race known as the Eymorgs, who lived on the sixth planet in the Sigma Draconis system. Along with the other Eymores, Luma lived below ground where she was educated by the Great Teacher.

In 2268 on Stardate: 5431.4., a landing party from the USS Enterprise touched down on Sigma Draconis VI in search of the missing brain of the ship's first officer, Mister Spock. Luma emerged from behind an automatic door that led down into the caves and was startled to find members of the landing party standing before her. She attempted to defend herself with her wrist gauntlet, but Enterprise captain James T. Kirk was too fast for her, and stunned her with his phaser.

Luma was present later when the landing party were captured and brought before the other Eymorgs, which included Kara and another unnamed female. Luma had very little to say at this meeting, although she had previously described her altercation with the crew to Kara. (TOS: Spock's Brain)

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Although several Eymorgs were seen in the episode, Luma is one of only two who were identified by name. The other was Kara.
  • Like all Eymorgs, Luma had very little education and no exposure to life forms outside of Eymorg culture. Her knowledge, behavior and mannerisms were akin to those of a small child.
  • Like all Eymorgs, Luma was apparently a fan of thigh-high go-go boots.
  • Playing the role of Luma is actress Sheila Leighton's fourth television role. It is her first work in the science fiction genre.

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