Maia Rutledge
Maia Rutledge 001
Maia Rutledge
Aliases: Maia Skouris
Series: The 4400
Gender: Female
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Returnee
Location: Seattle, Washington
Relatives: See family
Status: Alive
Born: 1938 [1]
First: "Pilot"
Final: "The Great Leap Forward"
Actor: Conchita Campbell
Maureen Thomas

Maia Rutledge is a central character featured on the USA Network television series The 4400. Played by actress Conchita Campbell, she was introduced in the series' pilot and appeared in all forty-two episodes of the series.

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Maia Rutledge was born the only (known) child of Victor and Mary Rutledge in Crescent City, California in 1938. On March 13th, 1946, Maia was playing in a wooded park when she was abducted, disappearing into a giant ball of brilliant white light. She returned some fifty-eight years later in 2004, along with 4,400 other returnees at the base of Mount Rainier in Washington. Like the rest of these so-called 4400, Maia developed fantastic supernatural abilities. She possessed precognitive vision and could predict events and outcomes that take place in the future. Along with the other returnees, Maia was held in quarantine for six weeks. When the National Threat Assessment Command lifted the quarantine however, Maia was placed into the foster care system.

Family Edit

  • Victor Rutledge (father, deceased)
  • Mary Rutledge (mother, deceased)
  • Kenneth Griffin (former foster father)
  • Patty Griffin (former foster mother)
  • Diana Skouris (adoptive mother)
  • April Skouris (adoptive aunt)

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