Malia Tate
Teen Wolf 3x14 010
Malia Tate
Aliases: Malia Hale [1]
Series: Teen Wolf
Gender: Female
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Student
Race: Werecoyote
Location: Beacon Hills, California
Relatives: Henry Tate [2]
Peter Hale [3]
Desert Wolf [4]
Status: Alive
First: "Anchors"
Actor: Shelley Hennig

Malia Tate is a fictional werecoyote and high school student and one of the main characters on the MTV television series Teen Wolf. The character was introduced in the winter premiere episode of season three, which represented the second half of the split-season in "Anchors". Actress Shelley Hennig portrayed the role of the adult Malia beginning with "More Bad Than Good". She made recurring appearances throughout the season, but became a series regular with season four.

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  • The character of Malia Tate was created by director and executive producer Russell Mulcahy and series showrunner Jeff Davis.
  • Malia's favorite food is deer.
  • Malia was one of several students to initial the library bookcase as part of the midnight "School Scribe" event.
  • In scenes when Malia is getting ready to get her "animal on", her eyes glow blue. This occurs in both human and coyote form.

Love interests Edit

  • Mieczyslaw Stilinski - Began dating Stiles after being liberated from Eichen House. They broke up over unclear reasons, but remained friends.
  • Theo Raeken - Began sleeping with Theo Raeken for a short time. It was just a booty call.
  • Scott McCall - Hooked up with Scott McCall after Scott graduated. They kissed for the first time in "Triggers".

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  1. Briefly assumed her birth name during a time when she had aligned herself with her biological father, Peter Hale.
  2. Adoptive father.
  3. Biological father.
  4. Biological mother.