Man on the bus
Incredible Hulk 2x05 002
Man on the bus
Series: The Incredible Hulk
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Status: Alive
First: "Rainbow's End"
Actor: John Myhers

The man on the bus is a fictional character featured in the live-action superhero fantasy series Incredible Hulk. Played by actor John Myhers, he appeared in episode 2x05 of the show, "Rainbow's End".

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This unidentified individual was a middle-aged man in the late 1970s with thinning hair and a mustache. He shared a bus ride with David Banner where they discussed a recent newspaper article about an alleged miracle vitamin that was being developed by Thomas Logan to calm wild race horses. While Banner inwardly saw this vitamin as a possible cure for his transformations into the Hulk, the man on the bus felt that it was all a bunch of hokum, claiming that no collection of roots and herbs is going to calm an inherently wild horse. When it came to the races, he was putting twenty dollars on Garden Saint instead.

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