Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Marcy.

American Horror Story Edit

American Horror Story 1x01 006

Marcy was a realtor from California. She sold the Harmon family a large mansion with a haunted past. Known as the "Murder House", it had been the site of numerous grisly murders for the past several decades, but Marcy only informed the Harmons of the most recent tragedy. When things became too difficult, Vivien Harmon demanded that Marcy put the house back on the market, instructing her to do everything she could to make it sellable. Following the deaths of the Harmons, Marcy then sold the house to the Ramos family. The ghosts of the Harmon family remained in the house and scared the Ramos family away so that they would not be tormented by the more malign spirits inhabiting the house.

Following the tragic deaths of the entire Harmon family, Marcy inherited Vivien Harmon's dog. The entire affair likely had a harrowing affect on Marcy, for in only a few short years, her hair would turn completely grey. In 2015, Marcy brokered the sale of the Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles to fashion mogul Will Drake. The day she did the showing at the hotel is the same day she had to put the dog down which, as she explained to Drake, came to her through unfortunate circumstances.

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