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Marti Noxon
Marti Noxon
Birth name: Martha Mills Noxon
Gender: Female
Roles: Producer; Executive producer; Writer; Editor; Actress
Date of birth: August 25th, 1964
Place of birth: California
Notable works: Angel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Prison Break

Marti Noxon is a television producer, writer, story editor and actress who was one of the driving forces behind the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its 1999 spin-off program Angel. She began her stint on Buffy as a series writer beginning with the season two two-part episode, "What's My Line". She went on to write scripts for twenty-two more episodes of the series while also working as story editor. With the onset of season three, series creator Joss Whedon promoted her to co-producer beginning with the season premiere "Anne". She eventually went on to become executive producer on the series and also served as consulting producer on Angel.

Marti Noxon directed two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She directed the season five episode "Into the Woods"" as well as "Forever".

Marti made two cameo appearances in season six of Buffy and one appearance in season three of Angel. In the musical episode "Once More, With Feeling", she played a motorist trying to talk her way out of a parking ticket. Humorously, she reprised the role of "parking ticket woman" in the season seven episode "Selfless". In the Angel episode "Birthday", she played a "Cordy" theme singer during a birthday celebration for Cordelia Chase.

Marti Noxon was one of the executive producers of a proposed television drama series called Still Life, which would have starred Bryce Johnson, David Keith, Jensen Ackles and Morena Baccarin. Although six episodes of the series were made, the FOX Network cancelled the show without airing a single episode.

In 2011, Marti Noxon joined the writing staff of Glee along with five other writers including Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Allison Adler, Michael Hitchcock, Matthew Hodgson and Ross Maxwell. Her first writing work on the series was the season three episode "Extraordinary Merry Christmas".

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