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Matches Malone is a fictional name used in the Batman multimedia franchise. Although based on an actual DC Comics character, it is largely used as an alias for Bruce Wayne when he must go undercover in Gotham City's criminal underworld.

As Matches Malone, Bruce Wayne wears common "thug" gear, which includes a cap as well as a fake mustache. An additional trademark to the disguise is the fact that he always has a wooden match sticking out of his mouth. On Batman: The Animated Series, Bruce donned his Matches Malone disguise while investigating the mysterious identity of who has been tipping off the Gotham City Police Department as to the whereabouts of certain wanted criminals such as Rupert Thorne.

Bruce Wayne went to a pool hall on the seedier side of town called the Stacked Deck. He listened in to a thug talking on a pay telephone to his employer and followed him to an apartment complex. Scaling the side of the building, he attempted to break into an upper window, but was electrocuted by a defense system on the windows. He was taken inside the apartment where he learned that the man behind the information was actually Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face.

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