Series: True Blood
Gender: Female
Notability: Recurring character
Race: Fae
Status: Status unknown
First: "Soul of Fire"
Final: "Save Yourself"
Actor: Kristina Anapau

Maurella is a fictional Fae and a recurring character featured on the HBO television series True Blood. Played by actress Kristina Anapau, she first appeared in the season four episode, "Soul of Fire". She made five appearances in the series in total.

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Maurella was a member of a supernatural race known as the Fae, and was gifted with fantastic abilities, including the power to project faerie light. She came to the real world where she seduced a Bon Temps sheriff named Andy Bellefleur. Maurella became pregnant with Andy's children, but the maturation rate of a Fae in the real world is significantly greater than that of a normal humans. As such, she carried to term rather quickly and gave birth to four half-human/half-fae children. After giving birth, Maurella disappeared from Bon Temps, presumably returning back to the Land of Fairy, never to see Andy, or her children, ever again. [1]

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Appearances Edit

  1. "Soul of Fire"
  2. "We'll Meet Again"
  3. "Gone, Gone, Gone"
  4. "Sunset"
  5. "Save Yourself"

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