Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Max.

Being Human Edit

Max is a fictional funeral director and a recurring character on the North American version of the supernatural drama series Being Human. Played by actor Bobby Campo, he was introduced in the season three episode, "The Teens, They Are a Changin'".


Hart to Hart Edit

Max - Hart to Hart

Max is a fictional butler, housekeeper and chauffeur featured on the 1975-1984 ABC mystery series Hart to Hart. Played by actor Lionel Stander he appeared in all 110 episodes of the series, as well as the original movie pilot, and five of the eight post-series television movies.

Max was the middle-aged butler of the Hart family and lived with Jonathan and Jennifer Hart in their spacious rancher home in Los Angeles, California. Known for his trademark raspy-voice, this cigar-chomping associate held both of his employers in high regard. He respected the fact that Jonathan was a self-made millionaire and thought that Jennifer Hart was "gorgeous".

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