Max Fuller
Arrow 1x03 013
Max Fuller
Continuity: DC Television Universe
Series: Arrow
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Business owner
Location: Starling City
Status: Alive
First: "Lone Gunmen"
Actor: Marcus Rosner

Max Fuller is a fictional businessman and a one-time character associated with the continuity of the DC Television Universe. He appeared on the CW Network television series Arrow where he was played by Canadian actor Marcus Rosner. He appeared in the third episode from season one, "Lone Gunmen".

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Max Fuller was an obnoxious young business owner who lives in Starling City. He owned a nightclub called Poison. He had quite a tumultuous relationship with Oliver Queen, owing largely to the fact that Oliver slept with his fiancée at Max's wedding recital.

Several years later, Ollie came to Poison with his friends Tommy Merlyn, Laurel Lance and sister, Thea Queen. Max approached them and demonstrated how long he holds onto resentment by punching Ollie in the jaw. Tommy immediately intercepted the two men before further action could be taken as Max's bouncers formed a perimeter about them. Tommy told him that if he wanted to get to Ollie, he would have to go through him first before launching himself at Max's goons. Max smirked and slowly stepped away from the fight, but Laurel Lance wasn't about to let him leave unscathed. Using her self-defense training, she executed a few quick shots to Max's leg and mid-section, which sent him sprawling upon the floor. [1]

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  • Max Fuller is exclusive to the continuity of the Arrow television series and does not have a mainstream DC Universe counterpart.

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