Maxwell Lord
Supergirl 1x05 002
Maxwell Lord
Aliases: Max Lord [1]
Series: DC Animated Universe
Gender: Male
Notability: Antagonist
Occupation: Business owner
Location: National City [2]
Status: Alive
First: Justice League Unlimited: Ultimatum
Actor: Tim Matheson [3]
Gil Bellows [4]
Peter Facinelli [5]

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Justice League Unlimited Edit

  1. Justice League Unlimited: Ultimatum

Smallville Edit

  1. Smallville: Charade
  2. Smallville: Hostage

Supergirl Edit

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  10. Supergirl: For the Girl Who Has Everything
  11. Supergirl: Truth, Justice and the American Way
  12. Supergirl: Falling
  13. Supergirl: Myriad
  14. Supergirl: Better Angels

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