McMillan & Wife
McMillan & Wife
Title: McMillan & Wife
Format: Live-action
Genres: Crime drama
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: NBC
Seasons: 6
Episodes: 40
Production company: Universal TV
Executive producers: Leonard Stern; Paul Mason
Producers: Jon Epstein; Ted Rich; Tony Kiser
Principal cast: Rock Hudson; Susan Saint James; John Schuck; Nancy Walker; Martha Raye; Richard Gilliland; Gloria Stroock; Bill Quinn
Air dates
First aired: September 29th, 1971
Last aired: April 24th, 1977

McMillan & Wife is an American crime drama that aired on NBC for six seasons from 1971 to 1977, totaling forty episodes. It was produced by Universal TV and starred Rock Hudson as police commissioner Stewart "Mac" McMillan and Susan Saint James as "wife" Sally McMillan. Other stars on the series included John Schuck as Sergeant Charles Enright and Nancy Walker as Mildred.

Susan Saint James left the series following season five, necessitating a program name change. In December, 1976, the show was billed only as McMillan. New cast members for this season included Martha Raye as Agatha Thornton, Richard Gilliland as Sergeant Steve DiMaggio, Gloria Stroock as Maggie and Bill Quinn as Chief Paulsen. The final episode of the show aired on April 24th, 1977. All six seasons of McMillan & Wife have been released on DVD, with season six labeled as just McMillan.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

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Season Two Edit

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Season Three Edit

Main article: McMillan & Wife/Season 3

Season Four Edit

Main article: McMillan & Wife/Season 4

Season Five Edit

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Season Six Edit

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • McMilland & Wife aired on Sunday evenings.
  • McMillan, the title change for the sixth season, redirects to this page.
  • McMillan and Wife also redirects to this page, though the series always used the ampersand (&) rather than the word "and".
  • Actress Susan Saint James left the series following season five due to contract disputes. Her character was written out of the show as having died in a plane crash.

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