Meg Seeley
Doctor Who 7.3 002
Meg Seeley
Series: Doctor Who
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Location: Epping, Essex, England
Relatives: Sam Seeley [1]
Status: Deceased by virtue of time era
First: "Spearhead from Space (Part 2)"
Final: "Spearhead from Space (Part 3)"
Actor: Betty Bowden

Meg Seeley is a fictional house wife featured in the original Doctor Who television series. She was a minor supporting character in the "Spearhead from Space" serial in 1970, which involved the adventures of the Third Doctor. The role of Meg Seeley was played by actress Betty Bowden. She made two appearances in the series in total.

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Meg Seeley was an elderly woman who lived in Brook Cottage in Epping, England with her husband, Sam, in the early 1970s. One day Sam brought home a curious object that he found while hunting in nearby Oxley Woods. Meg had no idea that what he recovered was actually an alien Nestine sphere, which coordinated all communications between the Nestine Consciousness and its various host appendages, such as the Autons. Whatever it was, it was unwelcome in the cottage, and Meg warned Sam against bringing any such item into "her house". Sam placed it inside of a trunk in the shed adjacent to the cottage. [2]

Shortly thereafter, one of Autons received the signal given off by the sphere and tracked it back to Brook Cottage. Meg found the Auton in her kitchen after it had ransacked her home. As it turned to look at her, she shrieked in terror then ran out of the house. The Auton pursued her and Meg tried to fight it off with a shotgun, firing two shots into its chest. This did not impeded the artificial human and it attacked her.

The Doctor and Elizabeth Shaw came upon Meg's unconscious form and helped her to her feet. She was badly shaken, but otherwise unharmed. [3]

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