Meh Yewll clone
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Meh Yewll clone
Series: Defiance
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Race: Clone
Location: Defiance, Missouri
Relatives: Meh Yewll [1]
Kindzi [2]
Status: Deceased
Died: 2048
First: "Ostinato in White"
Actor: Trenna Keating

The Meh Yewll clone is a fictional clone and a minor character featured on the Syfy Original Series Defiance. Played by actress Trenna Keating, she appeared in the ninth episode of season three titled, "Ostinato in White".

Biography Edit

The Omec known as Kindzi took the cerebral source code of the Indogene, Meh Yewll, and made a clone of her. She did this for the sake of satiating her Omec need to hunt living beings. Though Indogenes are hardly challenging prey, Kindzi thought it would be best to start off small. Additionally, she disliked the real Meh Yewll to begin with, so she was also able to satiate a personal need as well.

She let the clone loose in Defiance, and then tracked her down into an alley where she slaughtered her. The dismembered remains were discovered by the Sanitation department the following morning. Amanda Rosewater and Irisa Nyira brought the remains to the office of the real Doc Yewll who examined them and learned that it was a clone of her. [3]

Notes Edit

  • The Meh Yewll clone is the first established clone character featured in Defiance. However, given the genetic breeding of the Indogene race, it could be argued that they are all clones to one extent or another.
  • Presumably, the Meh Yewll clone possessed all of the same biological characteristics of a normal Indogene.
  • As the clone was created specifically for hunting purposes, it did not appear to possess any of its host form's behavior or skill sets.

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References Edit

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