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The Metropolis Inquisitor is a fictional business featured in media relating to the Superman multimedia franchise. It was featured in the WB Network/CW Network television series Smallville.

The Metropolis Inquisitor was a newspaper based out of the city of Metropolis. An unscrupulous tabloid journalist named Roger Nixon worked there as a reporter. In 2001, the Inquisitor ran an article about bank robbery allegedly perpetuated by Lex Luthor. The robbery itself actually took place in Smallville, Kansas. Luthor had an iron clad alibi, and was actually innocent of the crime. The true perpetrator was a teenager named Tina Greer, who had the ability to alter her shape, and posed as Lex Luthor to rob $5,000 from the Smallville Savings and Loan.

Roger Nixon confronted Lex Luthor with a copy of the paper outside a coffee shop. He tried to use the sudden attention on Lex to blackmail him with the threat of releasing sealed juvenile records.

Appearances Edit

  1. Smallville: X-Ray

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