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Milton Fine
Milton Fine 001
Milton Fine
Aliases: Brainiac
Series: Smallville
Gender: Male
Notability: Antagonist
Occupation: Teacher
Race: Artificial intelligence
Location: Smallville, Kansas
First: "Arrival"
Final: "Apocalypse"
Actor: James Marsters

Milton Fine is a fictional artificial human character featured on the WB Network television series Smallville. Played by actor James Marsters, he was a key villain in season five of the series, and made his first appearance in the premiere episode, "Arrival". He made nine appearances (in Milton Fine form) in the series in total.

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  1. Smallville: Arrival
  2. Smallville: Aqua
  3. Smallville: Thirst
  4. Smallville: Splinter
  5. Smallville: Solitude
  6. Smallville: Hypnotic
  7. Smallville: Oracle
  8. Smallville: Vessel
  9. Smallville: Apocalypse

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