Mind control is an aggressive form of telepathy in which an individual intentionally manipulates the thought processes of another, usually forcing them to behave in a manner that is contrary to their nature. Mind control may vary in intensity ranging from mild post-hypnotic suggestions to complete mental domination.

In the Star Wars mythos, the guardians of peace and justice known as the Jedi use a milder form of mental manipulation which has come to be known as the Jedi Mind Trick. It is particularly useful against the weak-minded and generally involves direct eye-contact, mild hand gestures and a calm even tone. The Jedi Mind Trick however, while ideal against Imperial Stormtroopers is ineffective against some alien races such as Hutts and Toydarians.

Mind control also plays a major role in many comic book stories, in particular, those of the costumed superhero genre. As a power, mind control is common to both superheroes and villains. Many may even use elaborate hi-tech devices to simulate the effects of mind control.

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Character Series
Jemm Supergirl

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  1. Vampire Diaries: The New Deal - Damon compels Jeremy Gilbert.

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