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Category: U.S. State
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
Points of interest: Minneapolis; St. Cloud; St. Paul

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Minneapolis is the county seat of Hennepin County, the largest city in the state of Minnesota, and the 48th largest in the United States. Minneapolis lies on both banks of the Mississippi River, just north of the river's confluence with the Minnesota River, and adjoins Saint Paul, the state's capital. Known as the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-Saint Paul is the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the U.S.
St. Cloud
St. Cloud is a city in the US state of Minnesota. It is located in Stearns County and is the most populous city in the state. It has a total land area of 30.2 square miles and a city area of 30.9 square miles. It has a growing population of more than 65,000 people. In TV fiction, St. Cloud is the home of the Eriksen family from the CBS television series How I Met Your Mother. Although the show is set in New York City, there have been several episodes where the character of Marshall Eriksen and his wife Lily have visited his parents' home in St. Cloud.

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