Mitch Dolgen
Walking Dead 4x07 012
Mitch Dolgen
Series: The Walking Dead
Gender: Minor character
Notability: Main character
Location: Georgia
Relatives: Pete Dolgen
Status: Deceased
Died: 2013
First: "Dead Weight"
Final: "Too Far Gone"
Actor: Kirk Acevedo

Mitch Dolgen is a fictional zombie apocalypse survivor and a minor character featured on AMC's The Walking Dead. Played by actor Kirk Acevedo, he first appeared in the season four episode, "Dead Weight". He also appeared in "Too Far Gone".

Biography Edit

Mitch Dolgen was a member of Caesar Martinez's camp and the brother of Pete Dolgen. He then becomes the right-hand man of The Governor when he takes over the camp due to his ruthless and tough behavior. He then drives a tank up to the Prison when The Governor and his group go there in order to take over the Prison and force Rick Grimes and his group out, although an attack breaks out when The Governor is shot after slicing Hershel Greene's neck with Michonne's katana. During the attack, Mitch is forced out of the tank and shot in the chest with an arrow by Daryl Dixon when Daryl throws a grenade inside of the tank's cannon. [1]

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  • Mitch Dolgen is exclusive to the continuity of The Walking Dead television series. He has no counterpart in the comic book series published by Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment.
  • Preferred weapon of choice: Tank.

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