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The Principality of Moldavia, not to be confused with the nation state of Moldava, is an historic region in Eastern Europe. Located between the Dniester River and the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, it was an autonomous state until it merged with the nation of Wallachia (Dracula country!) and became part of modern Romania.

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On the original 1966-1968 Batman television series, Moldavia still existed and was recognized as a republic. They were even sponsored at the Gotham City World's Fair, which happened to coincide with Moldavian Fiesta Week. At the Friendship Luncheon, the Prime Minister of Moldavia hosted the ceremonial cutting of the "Friendship cake", which was interrupted by the explosive exploits of the Riddler. When the Prime Minister attempted to cut the cake, it exploded, releasing a small parachute with a riddle attached to it, meant to attract the attention of the Batman. [3]

Later, at the fairgrounds pavilion, the Prime Minister was showing off the jewel-encrusted preserved remains of a woolly mammoth, which had been stuffed with discontinued postage stamps from Moldavia. The Riddler and the Molehill Mob pumped laughing gas into the building, sending everyone in attendance, including the Prime Minister, into fits of laughter, thereby enabling the Riddler to commit further crimes. Batman and Robin, who had been hiding inside the mammoth, burst out and fought against the Riddler and his men, ultimately defeating them. [4]

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