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Category: U.S. State
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
Points of interest: Bozeman

Montana is a state located in the continental United States. It is located in the northwestern region of the country, bordering Canada. Known as the Treasure State, its capital city is Helena.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn took place near the Little Bighorn River in Montana on June 25th-June 26th, 1876. This became one of the most notable Indian battles of the 19th century, due to the death of its commanding general, George Armstrong Custer. This event also became known as "Custer's Last Stand". In the "Night Work" episode of the Showtime series Penny Dreadful, the traveling wild west revue, Colonel Brewster's Wild West Show and Emporium of American Curiosities performed in London, England where sharpshooter Ethan Chandler bragged about serving at the Little Bighorn in Montana. After the show, spiritualist Vanessa Ives challenged Chandler's claim, noting that he was just a boy when General Custer died, and it was well known that nobody survived the Battle of Little Bighorn.

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