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A motel is sorta like a hotel, but smaller, and they don't always leave mints on your pillow to make you feel homey. Motels are generally single or two-story buildings with connecting rooms or may even be a series of small cabins placed within close proximity to one another. Common amenities of a motel may include cable television, free wi-fi, laundry services, a common area with complimentary coffee and maybe even a continental breakfast, and in some cases, a swimming pool. Some motel rooms even have that funky machine that you drop a quarter into and it makes the bed vibrate. Motels are ideal for guests who are traveling on business or for young couples who are looking for a cheap one-night stand. If one is extremely lucky, they might end up staying at a place where the motel manager is NOT a cross-dressing weirdo with a penchant for spying on women through peep-holes, though this is not always a guarantee.

Motels of note Edit

Character Series
Bates Motel Bates Motel
Crescent Palms Motel Scream: The Series
Moonlight Motel Supernatural
Sundowner Motel Preacher

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