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"Mutos are the scarred relics of ourselves. Monsters created by the chemical weapons used in the first century of this war. They were banished into the wastelands where they live and... scavenge like animals."
Security Commander Nyder
Doctor Who 12.12 006
Continuity: Doctor Who
Category: Alien race
Status: Extinct
Homeworld: Skaro
Body type: Near-human
Limbs: 4
Eyes: 2
Representatives: Gerrill; Sevrin
Allies: Sarah Jane Smith
Enemies: Kaleds; Thals
1st appearance: Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks (Part 2)

Mutos is an informal, slang term used to describe a sub-race of alien humanoids featured in the British television series Doctor Who. They were featured in the six-part 1975 serial "Genesis of the Daleks".

History Edit

Mutos are an extraterrestrial humanoid race indigenous to the planet Skaro. They are an offshoot breed of one of the planet's two dominant human life forms, the Kaleds. In the distant past, the Kaleds engaged in a civil war against another race known as the Thals. In the early years of this centuries-long conflict, the Kaleds used chemical weapons. Exposure to the radiation produced by these weapons began mutating members of the Kaled race, giving birth to the Mutos.

As the years went by, the Mutos grew in number, but attempted to divorce themselves from the war between the Kaleds and the Thals. They became more primitive and aggressive, preferring to live in the scarred wastelands surrounding the domed cities of their fore-bearers.

During the latter half of the war, the Thals began using the Mutos as slave labor, forcing them to mine for components required in the construction of a rocket, which they hoped would penetrate the Kaled city-dome. The work was dangerous, and the persistent exposure to even more radiation proved fatal to the Mutos.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • "Muto" is a variation of the word mutant.

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