My Favorite Halloween Themed TV Episodes Tuesday, October 21, 2014 I don't know about you but my favorite thing about Halloween are the Halloween/Spooky episodes of TV shows.

There have been A LOT over the years but I have compiled it down to 7 that span from new to old.

This list could have gone on forever to be honest but for the sake of the blog, here are the 7 that I really like!

[1] 1. Girth - Pushing DaisiesMove over, Headless Horseman! A new ghost on a horse comes into town in this spook-and-Snook-tacular Hallowe'en extravaganza. A ghost of a jockey is killing former jockeys who placed in a horse race. Olive could be the next victim because she won first place and asks Ned and Emerson for help. Meanwhile, Ned has to deal with his own Ghosts of Hallowe'en Past. 2. Headless Cabbie - Hey Arnold!Arnold tells the legend of the Headless Cabbie to GeraldSidStinky, and Harold during a sleepover, but when the boys go through the park to get some ice cream, the story seems to become true. 3. Trick or Techrat - Jem and the HologramsRio, Jem, Danse and The Holograms work to restore an old Opera House in time for a fundraising concert on Halloween. Strange accidents occur that indicate the old place might be haunted. A bad scare the night of the concert causes Terri, a timid Starlight Girl to go missing in the buildings’ secret passages. The group’s search for Terri reveals the truth behind the recent strange occurrences. 4. Full Bars - Bob's Burgers On Halloween, Tina (dressed as a "mommy mummy"), Gene (as Queen Latifah), and Louise (as Edward Scissorhands) for the first time were granted by their parents to go trick-or-treating unsupervised. After receiving mini-sized candies that resulted in disappointment, they later find out that a nearby wealthy island have a tradition of handing out large bars to trick-or-treaters. Excited, the Belchers board a ferry to Kingshead Island. 5. Keaton - New Girl In an effort to reconnect with Cece, Jess throws a Halloween party at the loft. In an effort to change Schmidt's sullen behavior, the loftmates resort to "catfishing" him by pretending to be his childhood idol - actor Michael Keaton. Then, Schmidt makes a decision that could change the loft forever.

6. Best Little Horror House In Langley Falls - American Dad After years of hosting the scariest haunted house in the neighborhood for years, Stan Smith finds himself outdone by his neighbor Buckle. Francine makes things worse when she finds herself returning and declares that it is impossible to beat him. 7. Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery - South Park Local radio station KOZY 102.1 is sponsoring a "Halloween Haunt" featuring an appearance by real-life nu metal band Korn. This episode is a  parody of the animated series Scooby-Doo (with the band Korn playing the part of the Scooby gang). I love Halloween because TV turns into a variety of different episodes to celebrate from funny to scary and it's just fun to see everyone's take on the holiday. What are some of your favorite Halloween episodes? 


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