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Nagualli is the plural form of Nagual. A Nagual is a creature of supernatural lore that originated in Mesoamerica. They are a breed of shape-shifters that can transform either their spiritual essence or their corporeal forms into the body of an animal; in some cases, an animal-human hybrid, which makes them a type of were creature. The most common Nagual assume the form of felines such as panthers and jaguars, but may also take the form of birds or other animals. The form and actions of a Nagual is reflective of the being's innate personality.

Nagualli appeared in the MTV television series Teen Wolf. In the mythology of the series, shape-shifters assume a form that is in keeping with their personality, regardless of the methods by which they became a shape-shifter. Just because one is infected by a particular breed of were, does not mean that they too will become a similar creature. For example, Jackson Whittemore was infected by the scratch of Alpha werewolf Peter Hale, but instead of becoming a werewolf, he became a reptilian monster known as a kanima. Peter Hale was also responsible for clawing out the throat of werewolf hunter Kate Argent. The belief is that if the wound is deep enough, the infection may supersede an individual's death, and they will return to life as a shape-shifter. Such was the case with Argent, who was resurrected as a Nargual. Her chosen form was that of a jaguar. Kate could not assume a full jaguar form, but her physical features adopted certain animal traits, including sharpened teeth, claws and distressed off-colored skin.

Characters Edit

Character Film/Series
Kate Argent Teen Wolf

Notes Edit

  • Nagual redirects to this page.
  • Nagualli are based on actual Mesoamerican folklore, and has been used in various supernatural media.

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