Supergirl 1x19 002

Non is a fictional alien and a recurring antagonist featured on the CBS television series Supergirl. He is played by actor Chris Vance. Non is a Kryptonian military commander and the former husband of Astra. Both Non and Astra attempted to "save" their dying planet Krypton from ecological destruction by taking control of the population through a process called Myriad. Their agenda failed, and they were arrested and put on trial by Astra's twin sister, Alura Zor-El. They were imprisoned inside of Fort Rozz in the Phantom Zone. Non and Astra, as well as several Kryptonian loyalists survived the destruction of Krypton and eventually escaped from Fort Rozz. They arrived on Earth and attempted to duplicate their past efforts by taking control of Earth's population. After Astra was killed by Alex Danvers, Non began aligning himself with the artificial construct known as Indigo.

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